View Full Version : I'm back, no matter what they try!

05-10-2004, 12:00 AM
Just in case some of you who are on my mailing list have missed me as of late, or have not seen me trackside, let me give you an update, so that anyone's email I lost can hopefully be recovered....

My next update will be sent tonight, so anyone who sees this and not the update, your email is one of the ones I lost.

Anyway, about two weeks ago, some little punk broke into my new home, and helped themselves to my computer and some other items. The cars are okay, but needless to say, I was quite upset with replacing the front door frame on my 2 month old house. Along with the other measures we have taken to insure this doesn't happen again, I am just now recovering some of my data from my last backup point, which was in January, but won't have it all back for a couple more weeks when I finish the new computer that will handle the hard drive I keep safe and secure. This is the reason I missed Daytona, and might well miss this weekend's event at Moroso, since I've been very busy with making my home my "castle" so to speak. Sucks, and needless to say my wife was not thrilled with this situation. To add insult to injury, three days after this ocurred, the laptop that I use as a partial backup crashed hard, and needed a complete reformat to recover. Still don't know what happened there...

Anyway, if you haven't heard from me in a little while, it doesn't mean I don't care, it just means I can't email you until you email me with your address again, since although I know a bunch of you by name, I don't know your email off the top of my head. So please, shoot me an email (Yes, I now have changed all the passwords since the thieves were using the computer and checking my mail!) and we'll get everything back together, and hopefully before the baby arrives in a few weeks!

Thanks for hearing my rant...

-Marcello Canitano
www.SilverHorseRacing.com (http://www.SilverHorseRacing.com)