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128 racecar
08-25-2002, 06:02 PM
I am fixing up a 78 Fiesta ITC car for an open track car and poss IT use down the road. Some basic questions:

1. Suggested conservative redline for the 1600 Kent motor?

2. Recs for brake pads and suppliers?

3. Dealers for Fiesta parts?

4. Any other websites Fiesta related?

I also have a Fiesta parts car for sale for $400 if anyone is interested- see the classifieds section.

Marc Frost

08-26-2002, 07:18 AM
Marc--A good car but a parts challenge.

The motor spins well over 6200;

I knjow of no "dealers" in the US that have many ( if any ) NOS OEM Fiesta parts in stock. I think BAT in Sarasota still sells Fiesta parts. (However, always consider UK sources!);

Try Carbotech for pads.


08-26-2002, 08:46 AM
128 Racer:

Glad to see other Fiesta guys out there.

Joeg knows his stuff pretty well, so there is not much I can add.

The redline Joeg mentioned is right on, I just had my motor rebuilt by Charlie Williams, a 1600 Kent Guru, who all the Formula Ford guys use, and it make peak power @ 6150 RPM.

Again I will go with Joeg, Carbotech Engineering is the best place for brake pads. The guys name is Larry Narcus @ (954)493-9669.

You may have to send him your backing plates, but he can hook you up with a nice set of Hawk Blues for under $200 for the front & about $110 for the rears.

BAT is about the only place to get stuff in the states, but again Joeg is right. I found some gearbox stuff from a place in Norwich England. http://www.fiesta-centre.co.uk/

That is about all I have right now.

Check out my site if you like; it is pretty lame, but soon I will have my video section up and running: Me tangling with a Ferrari 335, Fiesta's taking the checker, etc.

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