View Full Version : removal of uneccessary components...

03-04-2005, 08:59 PM
I am the proud new owner of Tim Gelling and Eric Parham's 318 an I am in the process of getting it ready to race, I have a new engine installed and running, and patches welded into the floor. It's going to need a lot more stuff but I have time. Just have a few questions now that I have the car running.

I have seen 318's with the cold start injector and the idle air controller removed, how is this done? As soo as I unplug the IAC the idle goes way up, I assume starting will be difficult without the cold start injector.

And what to do with the lines going to the charcoal canister and the vapor tank by the fuel filler? Just remove it all and have one line going to the fuel rail and another returning to the gas tank?