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01-13-2003, 10:18 AM
I know this is not IT specific but can't seem to fine anywhere else to ask the questions. I am building my '85 Euro 6 into a club racer J-Prepared. I started removing the interior this weekend and have a few questions.

1. I think I will have a problem getting to min weight. Is it worth it to remove all unneeded electrical? Such as power windows, door locks? If I do how do I get these things to operate (lock car, roll up windows). Do most of you remove the whole wiring harness and just but back in what is needed?

2. When removing the headliner I found a large frame that housed the sunroof. I asked the Club racing technical advisor and he indicated that it needed to stay. Not that I want to go aginst him but I have seen lots of cars without this frame and just the roof panel welded in place. I will be racing in South east to mid west. Do most people remove this. How about misc. brackets that were used to hole up rear seats. Can these be removed?

3. I was thinking of getting DA shocks but then read the clarification posted on the rules page. It seems the intent is to have only non adjustable shocks but the current rules allow adjustable. I am afraid of forking out $1600 for shocks that I can only use for about 2 years before they decide to change the rule. Anyone have any ideas.

4. Does removing the OBC or anything else effect the working of the ECU?

Thanks fo the help. If you know somewhere else to ask these questions please let me know. Also, if there are any homepages showing someone's build up of a club race car please forward.



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01-14-2003, 05:34 PM
You need to join up the BMW Club Racing email group located here:


There are tons of people who can help you out.

I can answer a few of your questions here:

Electronics: I don't know if BMW CCA Prepared rules allow you to chop up the wiring harness. You might want to check the rule book on that one.

Sunroof: You can remove the frame and motor so long as you then weld the a metal panel (either a custom piece or the original sunroof) into the opening.

Shocks: According to a post by the rules guys on the BMW list above, they have clarified the rules to allow DA shocks in Prepared until the next time for rules changes comes, at which point they plan to change the wording to make sure that DA shocks are legal in Prepared.

OBC: No effect whatsoever.