View Full Version : Place to race a E30/E36 318?

02-18-2002, 03:55 PM
If there is anyone out there running an early-90s 318i/is or interested in doing so, they should take a minute to visit http://www.2litre.itgo.com - it describes an initiative that we are calling IT2, an effort to create a category for the newer, 4-cylinder cars that don't really fit into the existing IT structure very well.

Of particular interest will be the "Jump Start" program, kicking off this year to promote interest and awareness of the potential of these cars. This provision creates a "virtual" series, run within the organization of existing SCCA regionals (or events run by any other sanctioning body that recognizes IT rules). Go to the site and scroll down to "Getting Started". Spread the word or volunteer to be IT2 Regional Administrator for your area! Let me know if there are questions...