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E30 Ray
11-24-2001, 08:11 PM
The 2001 GCR says "coil over struts and shock absorbers, where a threaded sleeve is permanently attached to a housing, are prohitbited unless fitted as standard equipment". Can someone tell me how this prohibited coil over differs from the type of coil over I see on many cars?

Does anyone have experience with the Bilstein PSS9 or PSS coil over system that BMP sells? Since for at least the next year, I'll be driving my IT car to the track (2-6 hours each way), an adjustable ride height would be useful. Although I don't see an E30 setup in the BMP catalog. However, both Turner and Gound control had ride height adjusters for the E30 spring sets.


(I'm hoping Santa will bring me a new suspension)

chuck baader
11-25-2001, 12:13 PM
ray-i understand you wanting to drive to the track, etc.: however, once the suspension is adjusted and wheel weighted, imho the adjusters should not be touched unless the car turns one way better than the other.
as far as the coil over adjusters are concerned, the function is the same. it is just cheaper to purchase a threaded sleeve and spring collar than a fully threaded shock body, therefore, in the scca's mind, saving the racer money.
in another opinion, i can't see paying big money for shocks that aren't adjustable!
good racing, chuck