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10-26-2001, 09:20 AM
I have Ground-Control coil overs my E30 325is. I also have the ajustable spring seats on the rear. Being my first BMW, I had no idea what rate springs to get, so I told Groound Control to send whatever springs they recommend, since they are the expert. Well, after my first season with the car, I have come to the conclusion that the springs are way to stiff. They sent me 550# for the front and 650# rear. What do you guys/gals use, and on what tracks do you use them?

10-26-2001, 01:27 PM
That does sound too stiff for an e30.. I find ground control to be a bit clueless sometimes when it comes to bimmers, they always go stiff.

Call Jeff Ireland (626) 359-7674 / [email protected], he goes stiff too, but he's a genius and might work with you instead of against you.

Also, my friend Jim Waldman from BMW Club, MC and SCCA ran an e30, he got a kit from Turner that worked first time.

I'd say 450 rear and 350 front is a bench mark I remember we used in the e30 M3 (very similar/same suspension as your car).. The rears have to be stiff because of the in-board position of the spring.

These were for MidWest tracks. Just get the car low, and get good shocks.. Call Jeff.


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11-07-2001, 10:36 PM
I used to drive an e30 325es and I had GC adjustables too, they fit like crap, didn't adjust much, and totaly messed up the ride hight(much higher in front than rear) but it handled ok with 510 front and 450 rear, if I could do it over I would go a bit stiffer with more lbs on the front, the car was balanced alright with mild understeer. I liked the stiff rates at 120+ the car felt vary solid. I'm with NRCY, personaly (with the exception of a few of there item's) I think GC parts just look pretty, and they just lack e30 expertise, or at least did a couple years ago. Be carfull, your rates are pretty stiff in the rear 650!? I say watch for some good sideways action!

11-07-2001, 11:10 PM
I recently acquired an e30 its car that the previous owner had checked all the GC/AD option boxes on the suspension. ran with two sets of springs for different tracks 700# all around and 500# all around. I have run the 500# and the handling of this car is awesome. GC/AD stuff is not just pretty, the stuff is fully adjustable and works great!