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06-19-2002, 12:28 PM
A couple questions with reference to water temp & oil temp & pressure gauges.

When one installs an aftermarket water temp does it get installed in back side of the water pump ?

When one installs an aftermarket oil temp gauge & pressure gauge where & how are the temp & pressure gauges installed ?


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David Dewhurst
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06-19-2002, 01:47 PM
Not sure how you guys do it on your 12As.. but on my 13B, I got the Racingbeat adapter block that goes underneath the oil filter.. Reads temp and pressure there.

As for water temp, I drilled and tapped a hole on the waterpump housing just before the thermostat.



Allen Brown
06-19-2002, 02:14 PM
Mr Silkworm's gauge pick up points are exactly as I have done. Including the Racing Beat adaptor plate for Oil temp and pressure.

Allen Brown
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06-19-2002, 05:49 PM
Water temp can go a couple of places, 1st is on the back side of the pump housing/neck. there should be a sensor already there, just take it out and put in you new unit with an adapter. second place is on the front side housing below the spark plug plane. you should see an allen head pipe plug. no adapter needed for that one, pain to put it in though. As far as oil pressure, there should be a factory sending unit on the rear side housing in the area below the filter. take out the factory sending unit put in you fittings and run your line. I imagine if you wanted oil temp(not sure how big the probe is) you could fabricate new aeroquip lines to your oil cooler and use a T of some sort.

I just put new gauges in my, only reason this is fresh on my mind. Warning do not rely on the factory oil pressure gauge. Going doin the straight at Sebring i was reading 30psi. Uh-Oh! put in an aftermarket gauge, at full throttle i'm the 100-110psi. range much better. resistor in the factory sender was crappin out.

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C. Ludwig
06-19-2002, 08:39 PM
If you have an 89+ you can get adapters to use the stock sender locations below and forward of the oil filter. On 86-88 you can use the stock oil pressure port but the water temp port uses a small thread that I could not find an adapter to fit. So I moved the sender to the rear of the water pump. On the 89+ water pumps there is a nice boss molded into the back of the pump just for this purpose. It is below the stock sensor. On the 86-88 pumps I drill and tap one of the bolt holes that aren't used on the front. They've got alot of meat around them and a good flat spot on top.

For the oil temp I used the Racing Beat block and an adapter I got from Summit. The Autometer gauge I got had a huge (3/4" NPT?) fitting. You can get a 3/8NPT(?) from Autometer to fit the Racing Beat block. I added a warning light sender in the other hole on the block. http://Forums.ImprovedTouring.com/it/wink.gif

If you want I can send you some pics of the adapters I used. I've sent some adapters to a couple people on the RX7 Forums. Evidently it's hard to find anyone who knows what a BSP thread is. http://Forums.ImprovedTouring.com/it/smile.gif If ya need one or two let me know.


Chris Ludwig
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