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lee graser
03-06-2002, 10:13 AM
I had heard the there was an interest in Your division to form an IT-7 class for the 1st Gen 12A's now running in ITA.----has there been any developments on this??----will you guys be adopting the same formula as SEDiv IT-7 i.e. ITA rules for IT-7---no more /no less ??------If parallel rules are adopted in Central Div.----it would open the proverbial door for all of us (IT-7 drivers) to compete at some new tracks---may be even set up some sort of interdivisional championship (official or un-official)??

03-16-2002, 09:56 PM
I'm going to try to get MIDIV to sanction IT7, just like you have it in SEDIV. Would you please send me a copy of whatever you passed in SEDIV to put in your Division's rules as the rules for the class. I want exactly whatever was passed so I can tell the people here that this is exactly the same as SEDIV. If you could e-mail to me at [email protected] I would appreciate it. Also send me your personal e-mail so I can have it if I need parts, guidance, etc.
Mike Trier