View Full Version : Who gets turned on w/ out no air pump (2nd gen)

01-06-2002, 08:54 PM
So I go and remove that pesky ol' air pump off my ITS 2nd gen and I loose the option of any dynamic manifold, and my 6th port actuators... (1) do you fix the manifold in high rpm mode, and locate the 6th port into open always spot. Or do we rig an electric air pump to take advantage of our pump opperated friends. And one more opt. can you take Mr. 6th port sleeve completly out, would that help at all. I've read through the old topics and don't recall any info. on the above sinario. !!! Thanks,Rick.

Karl Bocchieri
01-06-2002, 11:00 PM
Take the intake manifold off, pull the rotating sleeves out of the block and throw them away. Remove the actuators from the manifold and punch out the brass sleves. This will clean up the intake path a little. Take a dime, coat it in JB weld and place it on the remaining hole in the intake manifold, it fits perfectly, and cover it with more JB weld. You now have an always open 6 port motor. You should always be above 3500 RPM in a race anyway so you don't need the actuators.
As far as the intake is concerned Im not sure what's the best to do, mine is wired open (ie. short runner, high RPM mode) but I would be interested to see what others have done. With a racing low restriction muffler I think it would be hard to develope enough pressure to move it.