View Full Version : Borbet 14"x7" fit under CRX?

04-02-2002, 11:28 PM
I know I've seen a few ITA CRX/Civic's running the Borbet Type-T 14x7 wheels, but do you need spacers? Rolled fenders? Etc?

Is a 7" wheel needed? If you were buying a new set of wheels and the 6" were the same price, would you get the 7" wide ones?

Anyone have "Cheap" alernatives to the Borbets (Within the same price range) that are "better", lighter, etc? Konig seems to make a bunch a light wheels, but only seem to go 15" and beyond. These will be for weekend warrior duty at drivers schools, and loaner ITA wheels, so I want them to be eligible for an ITA Honda.

Thanks in advance,


04-03-2002, 02:40 PM
I have a set of Borbet 15x7s for street wheels on my ITA Civic. I didn't do any fender rolling. There was a small (2 inch long) tear in the plastic lining of the front inside fender wells. I did open track the car with the 15x7s and felt/heard no problems or rubs.

for cheap wheels try www.diamondracingwheels.com (http://www.diamondracingwheels.com) I asked this board for opinions about these wheels about a year ago. The over all response was good and great value. I haven't bought a set yet.


B Breon
04-21-2002, 10:44 AM
I have a set of the Borbet Type T 14x7's. With Hoosiers, you have a few options. You can run them as is with 205/55R14's. Or, you can go up to a 1/4" wheel spacer on the Front. To go with the 1/4" wheel spacer on the rear, you need the eccentric bushing in the upper locating arm that dials in a little more camber, right around 2 degrees negative. Basically, my experience has been that you can go down to a 27 mm offset with the 205's and they will still fit within the bodywork. I am assuming that you are rolling the fenders front and rear. The Borbet's are a 35 mm offset, so you can go up to a 8mm spacer.

Now, if you want to go with 225's on the front and rear on the Borbet Type T's, you can do it with a 1/8" spacer and again the eccentric bushing on the rear with about 2 degrees negative camber. You will get a little rubbing on the rear trailing arm under hard cornering, but nothing to get worried about. My experience has been that you need about a 32mm offset and some camber in there rear to make the 225/50R14's work on the Borbets on the CRX.

Brent Breon
Cendiv ITA #26