View Full Version : Acura ride height-ITS - help!

02-21-2002, 01:24 PM
can anyone tell me how high off the ground they are running measured at the jack pads under the rocker panels. I am set up for ITS and find that 6 inches is as low as I can go without running out of shock travel space. At 6 inches I have about 1 inch of shock shaft showing below the stock bump stop that is a factory unit cut off per Koni instructions. Also it seems to go any lower really sets the upper control arm pointing up very high and that wouldseem to be less than ideal geometry. I dont know if the shock can be lowered in the yoke that clamps it. I would have to put a dent in it so the clamp bolt can pass thru just like the way it is held in position now. anyone have any experience with this and what ride height I should realistically accept?