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Jon Nelson
01-30-2002, 11:29 AM
I used hawk blacks last year, got 3 sets at a really nice price, cause they're discontinued. They were pretty rotor friendly, but only lasted a weekend. Very good modulation, in fact, they felt SUPER.

I was thinking of switching to Blue.

I also tried Carbotech Panther Plus, but I was not impressed. They basically fried, even with a proper break in. I would not buy anything from them again, mostly because they adveritse Hawk and EBC, but will not actually sell them to you.... they want to sell their product.

01-30-2002, 08:20 PM
I am not sure what car you are running--but I race a 90 crx in ITA--I think the hawk blue's are the only way to go on the front.The rear's are pretty much opento what seem's to work well for you and what's on sale.I use Porterfield on the rear and they will last all year and then some.Everyone has there deal,but I think that's a good combo for the front wheel drive Honda.My front;s will last about 5-6 weekend's--but I think I am easier on brake's then most.I have heard of guy's running stock pad's on the rear!I also would check into the import magazine's and check for some nice priced steet-race combo pad's.

good luck

01-31-2002, 10:06 AM
Sorry to hear you don't like the Carbotech pads. I use the Panther Plus pads on my 94 Civic EX (ssc) car and one set lasted 4 double weekends and a single weekend. (I think) I tried the EBC pads because they were cheaper and they were gone after one weekend. The Carbotechs are hard on rotors, but the pads work 100% for me right up to the backing plate. (Yes - I've run them down that far before, last year)

As a Showroom Stock car, the brakes were all stock including rubber lines. The car's weight was about 2560 with me in it. I'm not sure why they work so well for me, but I'd like to hear some additional detail on what you didn't like about them.

Thanks! (and good luck in 2002!)

Matt Downing
www.downingracing.com (http://www.downingracing.com)

Jon Nelson
01-31-2002, 11:16 AM
Well, like I said, I am mostly put off by the fact that Carbotech advertise both Hawk (a proven performer) and EBC (not as much so), but when I called about them, they basically told me they were both crap. They said the best thing to use was the Panther Plus pads. I tried a set, at $90.00, and like I said, they lasted one weekend. They seemed to work well enough, but half way through the second weekend, they were down to the backing plate. Feel was OK, but I prefer the Black Hawks, they're a little grippier than the Panthers, are a little easier to modulate, and are easier on rotors.

The Blacks only last a weekend, but at least they are less than half the price (deep discount).

I am looking for ways to make my racing a little cheaper, keep in mind that where I race, I get a 1/2 hour practice, 1/2 hour qualifying, 3 ten lap races, and a 15 lap race. That's Saturday. Same again on Sunday. Friday all day, 1/2 hour every hour, all day. That's more track time in a weekend than a lot of SCCA regional racers get in a season!

As previously mentioned, I'll get a weekend from a set of pads, two on a set of rotors, and three (or two and a half) weekends on a set of full depth Kumhos.

It starts to add up, so if I can save a little on brakes, I will.... tires seem to last only so long, but the last set I got heat cycled, so hopefully I can get through a full three weekends with losing them.

One of my problems I have, is that the faster I get, the faster I use up all the consumables.... a slowing down isn't an option http://Forums.ImprovedTouring.com/it/smile.gif


01-31-2002, 02:00 PM
Carbotech Engineering used to carry the EBC line of brake products, but after testing, decided that it was not a product line that met the needs of our customers.

Currently, Carbotech both manufactures its own line of street, auto-x, and racing/track compounds, as well as sells Hawk and Performance Friction products.

Since I came on board to handle marketing and product r&d in July of last year (7/2001), I am not sure who you spoke with in June (6/2001) when you called to order pads. Certainly, if you were responded to with statements implying that "Panther Plus is the way to go, and Hawk is crap...", then the person you spoke with did not handle your inquiry properly - for this, I apologize on behalf of our company.

Now, getting back to your brake setup:

If you are enduro racing, then I think at this time, your best choice would be Hawk Blue front and either Hawk Blue or Black in the rear. Alternatively, you could use the Blue in the front and P+ in the rear. I feel that Hawk Blue makes a very good enduro compound, despite being rotor aggressive, and would be a better choice over P+ in a front-axle application for enduro racing.

We do have a new compound out, the Panther XP, which has shown very good wear, as well as stopping power that surpasses the Hawk Blue in side-by-side comparisons; it has been compared to the now-discontinued Hawk HT9 in terms of stopping power, but has much better modulation.

For every driver/car combination, you have to use trial and error to decide what works best for you. For some, it is the Hawk Blue, and for others, it is the Panther Plus or XP, and in some cases, even the PFC 01 compound...you'll eventually find that works best for you.

If you decide to use Hawk Black or Blue, we can certainly get those products for you, and I personally have no problem ordering those parts for your vehicle if that is, in fact, what works best in your situation.

With Best Regards,

Andie Lin

andie w lin | vp marketing & product r&d
e: [email protected]
carbotech engineering
w: 877-899-5024 | f: 954-493-9667

Jon Nelson
01-31-2002, 03:01 PM

A lurking sales rep, right when you need one!

Thanks for the reply, Andie.

I cant remember who it was I talked to, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't you.

Anyway, by-gones.

I'll e-mail you privatly, Andie...



01-31-2002, 03:02 PM
I look forward to discussing your brake application with you in the near future.

Take care... -Andie

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