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01-23-2002, 10:52 AM
Any recommendations on tire sizes for an ITC Civic? The car came with 225/50-13 Hoosier Radials. They look huge. All have dry rotted and are not track worthy, do not know if they rub as the car has not been on the track recently... so I thought I would look at other options. What seems to be the hot setup?!

R2 Racing
01-23-2002, 11:33 AM
A lot of people use the 225/50's. They probably won't rub but if they do it will only be at full lock. Also, what final drive are you using? With the 4.40 (Si final), 225/45's and 225/50's work good. With the 4.93 final, the 225/50's and 205/60's work good. If you run at longer tracks than you might need to use the taller tire to get some more top end gear. If you're running the stock gear than it doesn't matter, either way you'll never ever run out of gear! Also, if you're wondering about contact patch, they're about the same on the 225's and 205's. The 6" wheel width makes the 225's bow up a bit and you loose most of the extra patch over the 205's.

R2 Racing
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ITC Racer
01-25-2002, 02:52 PM
I have run 205/60-13s on my 85 CRX with the stock Dx final drive 4.24:1 but prefer the 185/60-13 because of the better gearing (better acceleration) and stiffer sidewall. I have not had any problems with overrevving at Road America although coming into turn 12 gets exciting in 4th gear.