View Full Version : recommended alignment settings for a 1988 Civic HB

01-06-2002, 09:38 PM
I'm building a 1988 Civic hatchback race car. I will be running Hankook R-compound (80 treadwear) 205-60-13. The car is a DX and will weigh about 2000 lbs. It will be run on the street as well, but very little and I will run cheap-o street tires anyway (wear not a factor). The springs are H&R race and the shocks will probably be Tokico or KYB AGX. The car has a 6-point chromoly cage. Any ideas for camber/caster/toe? I'm looking for a starting point to experiment afterwards. I'm not running in IT, so there are no restrictions, although i do not have the budget for camber plates yet. I don't need to know how to change the settings, simply what settings to start with.