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11-07-2001, 03:10 AM
i've been chating with some members about different cars and IT classes. I'm a motorcycles road racer looking to get into something a little safer. while reading i noticed the CRX is on top a lot. i also noticed lots of people complaining about and unfair advantage they have. what is that about? I'm leaning toward racing a CRX and thought i might ask you guys for some tips. Is there a year or model that is better suited for racing than others? Any info would be great, i'm starting over as MO have always been my passion.

11-07-2001, 09:06 AM
2nd Gen CRX Si is the one to have. I think the 88's didn't have the heavier side car intrusion protection (translation: door bars). You can up/back date the earlier doors to any second gen. car.

Honda has an advantage in being the Engineering driven company that Soichiro (Sp?) Honda built from the beginning. He built cars with attributes like double wishbone suspension, low CG, decent brakes, efficient engines... I could go on.

The reason it seems to be an unfair advantage is that the Comp Board has allowed the CRX to come in at the head of the class instead of being developed to that point. If the development continues (and with the ECU rule it will) the car with sit at the top of the class for a long time. Better yet, if they continue to dominate they may even get their own class!

Sounds like a good investment to me!


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Richy Gonzalez
11-07-2001, 07:00 PM
I'm also building a CRX for ITA. What made me go with the CRX is that they are fairly cheap, they don't require special tools, and a non-mechanic can maintain them. Given all that, you can concetrate more on driving/seat time (getting faster as a driver) and a lot less on car development.

However, don't get the impression that if you race a crx you'll automatically become front runner. The realistic impression is that with a very good driver, "your car" can be a front runner. ...at least that's what I keep telling myself so I don't get dissapointed by not being a top 5 car at every event. ...well, at first anyway http://Forums.ImprovedTouring.com/it/biggrin.gif

Good Luck!

Richy Gonzalez
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11-07-2001, 08:06 PM
The CRX is great, but the 240SX is there, plus the ECU rule will help the 240SX.


11-08-2001, 01:40 AM
my bikes were heavy and slow so i had to fight every race to get top 5 never a 1st. I had to learn to ride i couldn't count on my motor to over take. this time i want to start on a level playing field so i at least have a fighting chance to win.
I heard the 2nd gen crx is the one to have in ita? what year started the 2nd gen? I have two options buy a 1st gen crx si or a civic 1500 which would be itc right? any tips on my best bet?

11-08-2001, 08:22 AM
88-91 are the CRX years to have, as ntoed previously the 88 has no dear beam and if you are near weight not having that will make a difference and allow you to hit your minimum weight targets. Regarding ITC I think you should check the final ARRC standings from last year and the this year which is running this week and see who wins.

Dick Plank