View Full Version : I need help installing new Energy Suspension Control Arm Bus

10-25-2002, 08:59 PM
I just got a set of Energy Suspension Control-Arm Bushings for my 1989 VW Jetta GLI 16v, and Im not sure about a couple of things:

1. which way do the bushings go in? They dont appear to be symmetrical.

2. Do I need to reuse that "Spacing Collar" that came out of the original rear control arm bushings? This is not the original rubber bushing's "sleeve" that is bonded to the rubber. This is that thin, long collar that actually holds the control arm assembly in place until you pull it out through the bottom of the rear stock bushing. Thanks!!


BMW 2002 FAQ

10-28-2002, 09:06 AM
1. Which ones are not symmetrical Front or Rear?

2. If you are talking about the sleve that you slide up through the bottom in the rear bushing then you should use it. Question is did they come with a new one, because you probally destroyed the old one getting the LCA off. I know I have more than once.

Finally, my suggestion is not to use poly in the front bushing (mostly in shear), its fine in the rear (mostly in compression). Rubber is better than poly for the front because of this, poly just rips. And it's very easy to go delrin in the front.