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10-19-2002, 06:20 PM
I am new to ITA. I just puchased a 1988 GTI 16v that has 225/50 /14 tires on stock teardrop rims.

Are these the best size tire? Kuhmo vs. Hoosier vs. Toyo ant thoughts?


Bill Miller
10-19-2002, 07:34 PM
Well, you have to run a 14" wheel, but if I were running 225/50's, I'd run them on a 7" wheel (yeah, I know, plenty of ITC guys run 225/50/13's on 6" wheels).

Regardless if you run 225/50 or 205/55 (or even 185/60), the first thing you want to do is dump the teardrop wheels. These are the heaviest 14x6 wheels VW ever had (close to 20# each!) and the don't allow much air to move through them. The only time I ever had problems w/ brake fade and tires getting really hot was when I ran teardrops on my car. Buy snowflakes or check the TireRack for various aftermarket 14x6 and 14x7 wheels. They were clearence pricing Borbets and others in the area of $75/wheel.

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