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opel racer
09-03-2002, 02:00 PM
I'm getting ready to install my new Tokicos & springs in an '86 GTI. My Haynes manual shows a special tool needed to remove the strut to body nut (some sort of socket with the side cut out). I called around a couple of places including our local V-Dub dealer and no one seems to be able to order one for me. Is there any creative way around using this tool? Does anyone know where I can order one of these tools? I feel like an idiot because installing new struts doesn't seem like it should be this difficult!!!

09-04-2002, 09:36 AM
I don't know about the Tokicos, but my new Konis came with all the little bits/tools in order to dissassemble my struts. The strut came out of the car with an impact gun, and then one needed that keyed hex thingie to get the strut bearing off and the whole strut assembly in to pieces. I haven't needed to go buy any extra tools.

09-04-2002, 01:18 PM
Give www.germanautoparts.com (http://www.germanautoparts.com) a try, look under tools -> suspension tools. They should have any of the common tools that you would need. If all else fails try www.zelenda.com (http://www.zelenda.com) the make/sell all of the official VW factory tools. ($$$)

To remove the strut from the car you can use the correct size deep socket held with a pair of vice grips while you hold the strut shaft with an allen wrench down through the center.
To remove the strut bearing (once the assembly is out of the car) you will still need the tool for the slotted 'nut'. This one is pretty much a must have since the nut is round and recessed in the bearing. These can be picked up at most auto parts stores for cheap. Take the assembly in with you if you have to.


09-04-2002, 10:38 PM
Instead of buying a special tool just buy the proper size deep well socket and cut the notch out with a dremel tool. Worked for me. Or if you can find one, you can try to find a box end wrench with an extreme angle to get access to the nut. Not sure which brand it was, but it was being used by a VW mechanic.

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