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06-20-2002, 10:13 PM
Awhile back I was checking my alignment, and noticed that as I was doing the 'tape measure' alignment, the closer I tried to get to 0 toe, the farther I got...

then I realized that the steering arm was unscrewing itself from the steering rack while I was turning the arm into the tie-rod end. So I pulled off the rack boot and voila, noticed the locknut was not tight against the joint that threads onto the steering rack. It seems that when I was turning the steering rod to thread it 'into' the tie-rod end, it was threading itself 'off of' the rack.

Anyway, I pulled off the arm which are new on both sides, and tried to move the joint... it was almost impossible unless I really twisted at it. Um, this isn't suppose to be this tight, right?, even for a new arm? I even regreased it and tried to work some of the grease into it, but it was still very tight. Same for the other side.

I can't imagine how this might be affecting my handling, but is there any easy way to break these in, or get them loosened up - at least for alignment's sake?


83 Rabbit GTI - future ITB

06-23-2002, 08:22 PM

I have a ITC Rabbit and when I put new tie rods on I had the exact same problem. I could hardley move them up and down. I've had them on for 2 seasons and now I can adjust them much easier. But they are still tight.

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