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05-02-2002, 12:00 AM
To anyone who has wanted to come up our way (Halifax, NS) to race but didn't want to lug the gear, I'm offering up a seat in my car to split race weekends this season. The car is an 87 ITB scirocco. The car is well sorted, competitive and reliable. It has a brand new IT spec engine, and is in great condition. To give you a hint of the car's potential, I ran a best of 1:22.8 at AMP www.atlanticmotorsportpark.com (http://www.atlanticmotorsportpark.com) while Vantage#51 runs 1:20's-1:21's. With an experienced driver (me=2 seasons, newbie) the car would do 1:21's no prob.
Rates are reasonable and with the exchange would be pretty good. If anyone has any questions email me at [email protected]
You can check out the car in the link in my sig.


87 ITB Scirocco
www.geocities.com/highspeedconnectionracing (http://www.geocities.com/highspeedconnectionracing)

05-03-2002, 08:42 AM
That's a great track, Scirocco#28! I've been there before. The AMP track is one of the most technical tracks in North America. It features, 1.5 miles in length, 11 turns, a hair pin, a roller coaster, 2 straights, off camber turns and 70 feet of elevation change. If you can master AMP, you can master any track. The AMP ITB track record is in the 1:20's. Bobby Rayhal and Gilles Villeneuve both mastered that track with Gilles still holding the overall track record (including the Superbikes) with a blistering time of 0:58's in a Formula 3000.