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12-30-2001, 09:01 PM
I need advice on how to set up a legal fuel test port. We may run some SCCA events this year so I guess we need one. Any hints?

12-30-2001, 10:09 PM
trying looking in bmw race cars. this past summer i asked the same question there and got a good answer! thread is still there.


01-02-2002, 04:16 PM
Last year I was frantically trying to comply with this reg and didn't get much help. Finally I resorted to mounting a schrader valve on one of the fuel lines at the front of the engone compartment. I found this valve (same style valve as on a car tire) at the junkyard ina n older Volvo. Several other cars used them as a way for a technician to check fuel pressure. I've heard of people mounting a valve on the fuel retun line, but I was under the impression that it must be on the supply side of the fuel system. I guess that this is because a racer that was running illegal fuel (and managed somehow to disguise the smell) could hide a "clean tank" in the fender well and run the valve for the test port off of this. I could be wrong. Be advised, if you have a fuel cell, this isn't necessary. Denver( Kansas?) is supposed to come up with clarified language and even diagrams on this. JOE

bill f
01-02-2002, 05:20 PM
Look at the Home Page of www.asedan.com (http://www.asedan.com) under "Fuel Port" or something like that. It is a sealing on both end connector which is very safe, convienent, and proven. I have one in a carbed car, and like it enough to recommend it as a possible solution.

Numerous sizes, styles of hose connections (barb, SAE, etc), and feather lite...all aluminum with the only steel parts being the locking balls.

Jiffy-Tite is the manufacturer's name.

Hope this helps.

Good racing. Bill