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12-18-2001, 12:24 AM
Hey guys, I've been reading this forum and without a doubt, the most intelligent racing conversations happen here. It's really hard to find VW info that people really understand. I'm racing in a Mini-Stock Class that's dominated by 2300 powered Mustangs. I can have a 150 lb. weight brake to run a VW. I've raced a very competitive Mustang, but realized that you can't win by copying everyone else. So I'm building an '85 Golf. The car will have to weigh 2250 and I can place ballast wherever I want. I've copied the Grassroots Motorsports BSI racing cage, but with more door bars and an engine hoop. When I put in the engine hoop, I moved in the RF strut tower 1" to help with camber. (Oval track racing, only turn left) One of the biggest questions I have is, How do I run a fuel pump. I understand that the Golf has two pumps and an accumulator. Can I just get a Holley blue electric pump and be done with it or do I have to continue to run both pumps and the accumulator? Also can I run the Fram canister fuel filter that I've always run? (Holds about 1/2 quart of fuel with fittings on each end of the top block). I just want to keep it simple and sweet. (cheap would be nice also).

Thanks alot for helping a non-IT driver who wants to show the Fords what a VW can do...


Bill Miller
12-18-2001, 07:02 AM

First off, welcome to the forum. As you've seen, most of the people here are road racers. But VW guys are VW guys, and we tend to help one another, regardless.

Anyway, I'm not familiar w/ the Holley Blue f/p, but I suspect that it is a low-pressure pump. For the VW CIS-E (which is what your car has), you need a high-pressure pump to feed the fuel distributor. The way the fuel system is setup on the Golf, there is a low-pressure pump that feeds fuel from the tank to the accumulator (there's also an overflow line that dumps the excess fuel back to the tank. Then, the high-pressure pump takes the fuel from the accumulator to the fuel distributor. The return line from the fuel distributor dumps back into the accumulator. Of course, the appropriate check valves are in place along the way.


MARRS #25 ITB Rabbit GTI

12-18-2001, 09:41 AM
The Holley Blue is only a 14PSI pump. That's not enough. It is for carbs.

Keep the stock set-up.


12-21-2001, 02:11 PM
You might check with Stu at BSI Racing to compare notes. Not only is he a VW guru but he is involved with or running a Rabbit (I think) on the dirt track(s) in Florida pretty successfully.