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Colin Harmer
09-10-2001, 05:37 PM
Right off the bat I want to say that this post is not intended to get into the shock debate that went on and on (and on..)a few months ago.


Good! http://Forums.ImprovedTouring.com/it/wink.gif

Last week I took delivery of a set of front D/A Koni's and Rear Single adjustable Konis from Stu at BSI. I had been using the Bilstien race shock in the past and it just seemed from all the reading that I had been doing that there had to be some benefit from going to an adjustable set up. When I called Stu to get his input on spring rates the response I got was 425# F and 475# R. Now I had been running 700#F and 500#R for a long time and this seemed to be way too soft for me.

Stu's words: "trust me you'll love it"
Yeah well.... http://Forums.ImprovedTouring.com/it/rolleyes.gif

I tried to talk myself into rates that low, but I couldn't mentally get there so I ran 550#F and 500#R with his 1" bar.

Now setting up shocks is a bit of "witch craft" at best but I followed the Koni method that I got from a book that I have that goes something like this...

Set it all at full soft (B&R)
Get the tires up to temp
Do 2 laps and add 3 clicks of Bump
Repeat until car gets too firm over the bumps and curbing and loses compliance.
Back off 2 clicks when it does and yor done on Bump.
Add rebound until the car settles in and loses the cadillac "Float" and then "adjust to taste"

That's the "Cliffs notes" version but you get the idea...

It took me about 25 laps at NHIS to get them where they felt good, I mean really good, like better then the car has ever felt! http://Forums.ImprovedTouring.com/it/biggrin.gif

My car always used to push on turn in and come out neutral. Now it turns in so well I can't believe it and it's still neutral on exit.

You can still hang the tail out if you ham fist the controls but it's basically solid and you can drive it anywhere.

The flexibility that this set up offers is over the top, the car responds to a small change in valving and you can instantly feel what you have done to the handling. I can now totally understand why all high end race cars have 3 and 4 way adjustable shocks, you can dial in anything! I think the day of the non-adjustable shock my well be going the way of the bias ply tire and the single barrel carb...They were considered the gear to have at one time, but we're not in that time anymore. They may cost more than a race Bilstien, but man o' man in my mind they are worth every penny! Through the set up process I was able to knock off 4 seconds off my lap time and even the worst times were better then my previous visits to the same track.

I can't say enough. I am so convinced...

Comments welcome but please let's not open the "cost of IT" can of worms?



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[This message has been edited by Colin Harmer (edited September 10, 2001).]

09-10-2001, 10:28 PM
Well, Colin now you've gone and done it and let the cat out of the bag! I've had basically the same shocks on my ITC Scirocco for over a year now and my feelings were the same as yours...incredible. Once you've driven with GOOD adjustable shocks (Koni is my choice) you'll wonder why you flogged around so long on others.

If you think your spring rates are soft, you should see what some of us run on A1 Sciroccos!! When I read what other VW tuners "recommend" for spring rates, I just smile quietly to myself. http://Forums.ImprovedTouring.com/it/smile.gif

Welcome to the dark side.

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Bill Miller
09-11-2001, 01:08 AM
Now you've gone and done it! I'm I really going to have to pony up $3k plus for a set of 3x adjustable RR shocks when I convert my car to LP GProd next year???

Damn it!!! http://Forums.ImprovedTouring.com/it/wink.gif

I went w/ the Bilstein race struts for this past season, and I know I would have liked to have had the ability to dial the car in a little. I think the rebound valving on the Group I's is a bit stiff, and I think that may have contributed to my wheel spin problems at Summit. It may also be why I was able to get the LF wheel off the ground in the 2nd half of the carousel!!!!

Note to self: Find money for new Koni's as well as a new motor!!!

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