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05-20-2004, 02:53 PM
Hi IT'ers,

Wanted to let you know the American Racing Club has a race coming up at Infineon Raceway. Our Sedan series is heating up, with four races behind us already. Since we hold two races each day, June 20 at Infineon will be races 5 and 6. Last month's Buttonwillow race was an unqualified success: no incidents, more time on the track than most were use to, already mentioned the fierce competition, and lots of fun. Here's a race summary: http://www.motorsport.com/news/article.asp?ID=150181. Complete results are posted at www.amracing.org (http://www.amracing.org).

The next stop, after Infineon, is WillowSprings, July 3-4. The fastest track in the west should prove to be just that if what we saw at Buttonwillow was any indication. The points race should start to really become obvious in the Sedan Series by the time we race Willowsprings.

Another date has been added to the ARC race calendar: Reno-Fernley Raceway, October 8-10. We'll publish more details on this date shortly. This is the newest track in the area, extremely fast (some are comparing it to the old Riverside track) and we're happy to be able to offer a prime three day weekend race, filling out the ARC schedule nicely.

If you are interested in signing up for several races, or the entire series, discounts are offered. Just contact Dave ([email protected]) for details. To learn more about getting started in the ARC, visit www.amracing.org (http://www.amracing.org). If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact one or all of us.

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Dave and Troy - Co-Founders
Marshall - Race Director
www.amracing.org (http://www.amracing.org)
916-717-4277 C
Here's some general information on the ARC's format:

We run two races each day, the first for 20mins and the second for 30mins. Here's a sample schedule, which is the same no matter which class (Sports Racer or Sedan) you run in:
20min practice - morning
20min qual - morning, best time of the session
20min race - afternoon
30min race - afternoon, reverse grid of sub-classes

What the ARC offers:
- Stiff competition in all classes, no matter if you're a front runner or mid-pack driver
- Licensed drivers from major sanctioning organizations can get a waiver for medical, annual tech, and racing certification
- The format supports safe, well organized, *clean* racing, built for driver and spectator excitement
- No averaging or manipulating of your times -- this is straight-up racing
- Prize money, based on your finishing position, is then applied to your next race entry fee

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