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12-08-2003, 11:36 PM
Are the rules for ITE in SWDiv posted anywhere?
How about SP?


12-10-2003, 09:42 AM
Does anybody in SWDiv know what a computer is? Or have internet access if they do?

12-10-2003, 10:52 AM
Don't know about SWDiv IT drivers Jerry, or RMDiv IT drivers for that matter. Most of the activity on the RMDiv board is on the Spec Miata page.

Does SWDiv have a web site? RMDiv has a link to their ITE rules posted, maybe SWDiv does too, but it's not obvious and you'll have to dig around for it.

I try to remember that many of the regional and division web sites are designed and maintained by volunteers and set my expectations accordingly. I wish Rio Grande Region could have a nicer site, but they have more important things to spend their (limited) money on.

BTW, as far as I've heard the double regional at Arroyo Seco in March is still on. Pan Am is a pretty shaky region, financially, and there isn't much interest in racing in the area, so I don't know how much longer they'll be able to host that event. In other words, if you want to drive that track you might want to do it soon.

Somehow I lost your email address, can you send it to me? I'm at x-ring<at-sign>zcar<dot>com

Maybe we could get the moderator to rename this 'Jerry & Ty's private forum' instead of RM & SW Div IT. I don't think anyone else ever comes here.



12-10-2003, 11:24 AM
SWDiv's website is a Solo2 site from what I can tell. Most of the stuff in on Houston Regions site, but if the ITE/SP specs are there I am looking in the wrong place.

Update, the Supra runs(finally). I am doing body and paint on it now to make the regions beauty team happy and should be able to put it on the track for the Jan regional if, they don't make it a double school weekend to make up for the Dec school being canceled.

Should I invest in a set of snow tires if I can make the March race at Arroyo Seco?

12-10-2003, 04:09 PM
No, I doubt they've ever seen snow there. Arroyo Seco is about 40 miles west of Las Cruces, on the New Mexico - Mexico border.

According to their web site, http://www.arroyosecoraceway.com/ , they are usually about 10 degrees cooler than Phoenix, so summer racing there is, without question, not in the cards for me.

I don't remember exactly where you are, DFW area is what sticks in my mind, so just about everything else in RMDiv, including Albuquerque (my home track), would be a hell of a long tow for you. Even A-S would be a little long, but do-able. Of course, from around here almost everything is a long tow (except Albuquerque) so I guess I've just gotten used to it.


12-10-2003, 10:23 PM
I'll take 100 degrees in the shade and 90% humidity with plenty of air to breeth (we race at about 500 ft above sea level) than the nonexistant atmosphere you guys have. Besides driving on melted asphalt makes you develope better car control skills.

I am about 25 miles east of Austin and most of the years racing is done at College Station. 80 miles from the drive way to the paddock.

BTW, have you managed to get the X off of your car yet? I still need to do the two races. Maybe some time soon.

[where is the spell checker when you need it?]

12-11-2003, 10:20 AM
Oh yeah, that X has been gone since mid-summer. Without a job to get in the way it's easy to make it to races http://Forums.ImprovedTouring.com/it/smile.gif

80 miles isn't so bad, before the Albuquerque track opened a couple of years ago the nearest was La Junta, then Pueblo and Second Creek. La Junta is about 375 from my house. Pueblo is about the same and Second Creek (Denver) is close to 500. That is a hell of a long way to tow for a ‘gentelman’s’ (vintage) race.


12-11-2003, 09:35 PM
Do you realize that the two of us account for almost half of the post count for this forum?

So you applied for your national lisc yet? We have the School regional in Jan. and a Double national in Feb. If you want to get some practice in while it is snowing up in the mountains. The host region for the DN is trying to work something into the schedule for us lowly IT types. IF there is no room in schedule we have two choices, stay home of work a corner for the weekend.

12-12-2003, 10:48 AM
>Do you realize that the two of us account for almost half of the post count for this forum?

Yeah, and probably 100% in the last year. Depressing, isn't it?

>So you applied for your national lisc yet?

No, and unless I change classes I probably never will. Why pay twice as much per year for a license when I don't have a car to run in national races? DenPeka gets enough of my cash as it is.

About the only thing that would make me change classes would be a DSR, or maybe a killer deal on an AS. I'd love to race a formula car (except maybe an FV), but at 6'-04" and 240lbs I don't think I'll ever be able to go there.

>If you want to get some practice in while it is snowing up in the mountains.

Soren has gone to Phoenix for the last two months, I had stuff come up and couldn't make either one. It kind of sucks to have to work for a living. Anyway, I was sort of hoping there would be a R/R down your way early next year. Between restricted regionals and N/N weekends, the only thing left in Arizona next year (they quit for the summer) is a R/R in February at Firebird. Sounds great but -- they scheduled it for Feb 14/15! Who the he!! would schedule a race on Valentine’s day? Talk about burning up major home credits. I could probably make three R/R's out of town and miss her birthday and cause myself less grief at home than to tell my wife I'm going racing on Valentine's day. Doesn't anyone think before they schedule? Maybe it was the only weekend Bondurant left open.

Let me know if they make room for us at your February N/N, it's pretty hard for me to talk my self into a long drive for a single day race, so I doubt I'd make the January DS/R.


12-14-2003, 09:57 AM
Hey guys:

I am located in Fort Collins and am currently building a BMW CCA Club Racer. After watching a weekend of the SCCA Runoffs, I thought it would make sense to make my car legal for ITE in the Rocky Mountain and SW Division, but I have a couple of questions:

1 What are the regs around roll cages extending into the engine compartment for ITE? I would like to pick on the front shock towers and the rear spring pads.

2 Can I run a later model engine in my car? For example, my car originally came with a 2.5L OHC motor, can I run a later 2.5- 2.8L DOHC motor?

3 What are the rules around glass in the drivers door?

4 Wiring harness, HVAC system, it is required for me to have the full thing in the car?

I am building the car to (1) learn to race (2) not break the bank (3) to be reliable (4) to have fun. I plan on running BMW CCA Club Races, but also would like to run in ITE.

I need to get a set of national and local IT rules.

Any response would be great.


12-14-2003, 02:21 PM
First to Ty,

Yesterday was annual tech day for Lone Star region and the race chair for the N/N was there and we had a discussion. It seems that only one member(outgoing) of the BOD voted against allowing an RR for IT. The race chair is most in favoir of the idea because IT is the biggest group of racers in the region and allowing us to participate would increase the profit for he event, which normally looses money. As noted the member refusing to approve is on his way out and the race chair is not giving up. I will let you know as soon as something is final.


ITE rules vary wildly from one region/division to the next. I was discussing the rules with the tech inspector yesterday to try and make up my mind what to do with my car. He told me that the cage and other safety items had to meet ITCS and GCR specs. Which to me would mean bars through the firewall would not be allowed. The only other limits were the engine had to be under 3l or under 1.7l if it is a turbo. He said there is no minimun weight. He also said it I wanted to I could run 18" wheels to allow for bigger brakes to fit. Do what ever I want to the suspension. I asked about stroking the engine and the reply was as long it it still under 3l it is legal. Ty said RMDiv has it's ITE rules posted so you may want to see if all the above is try for you, or you could just come on down the hill to SWDiv and we would be most happy to have you run with us.

12-15-2003, 10:50 AM
The RMDive ITE rules are:
Regional Only Class

ITE is designated as a regional only class. These are racing vehicles with fenders and doors that conform to present or past Pro Racing or Club Racing classes which meet the general regulations of Sections 17 and 18 of the GCR for IT and do not conform within the rules designated for Improved Touring Classes. All ITE cars must run on DOT approved tires and must display the class designation ITE.

Short and sweet, no? I'm not sure who can tech your car up that way, but I'm pretty sure there's a list of inspectors in Redline Express. You can read Redline Express online, just follow the links from www.coloscca.org (http://www.coloscca.org).

In RMDiv you'll find just about everything from a blown NSX to Vipers to ricers in ITE. Mostly it's a pretty laid back group who just wants to go racing.

BTW, welcome aboard. Jerry and I were beginning to think we were the only ones in the southwest that could find this board.


12-15-2003, 10:33 PM
OK, this is starting to come together. The more digging I do, the more vague the ITE rules become. This is my impression: DOT Tires, no tube frame cars, run what you brung? How close am I?

Quick question: Is Jerry the owner of a grey e30 racer? Cosmetically enhannced by Mr Irvin? If so, I have gone to a few CCA drivers school at 2nd Creek and met you there. If not, that is cool, good to meet you.

I was under the impression that ITE had a displacement limit of 3L? Vipers and blown NSX's are much greater than 3L - what gives?

Also, what about bars that extend into the engine compartment? I am about 60% complete with the cage, and would like to get a strong understanding either way.

I do not plan on ever running the car in a formal ITA,B,S class (will build something to do that). Just ITE, CCA DS and CCA C-Mod competition.

Are ITE grids full?

I know of 2nd Creek, Pueblo, what other tracks are within 200 miles of Denver? How about a good old fashion hill climb? Seems with those things to the west, we would have plenty of places to host- sounds like fun too.

Thanks for the responses.


12-16-2003, 09:39 AM
A BMW, surely you jest! And a lowly e30 at that. NO! (if I was to force myself to drive a BMW it would have to be a 750iL Sport, no wait that one ain't classified for club racing, Wait maybe it would make a good ITE car, or can you run four doors in IT? Oh well I guess I could settle for a nice M3, if you paid me to take it.) http://Forums.ImprovedTouring.com/it/smile.gif

For now I am driving (working on it so someday I can drive it anyway) an 85 Supra in ITS.

12-16-2003, 10:52 AM
>DOT Tires, no tube frame cars, run what you brung? How close am I?

Pretty close.

>...a displacement limit of 3L?

All divisions are free to make their own ITE rules. RMDiv has no such displacement limit.

>...bars that extend into the engine compartment?

I think that those bars would push you into SPU. I don't have a GCR handy, but I believe that the "meet the general regulations of Sections 17 and 18" clause of the (brief) RMDiv ITE rules would not allow them. I'm sure the guys at Pikes Peak Motorsports down in Colo. Springs could give you an answer. They built the supercharged NSX I mentioned earlier.

>Are ITE grids full?

The only grid that is full in RMDiv is SM.

>what other tracks are within 200 miles of Denver?

Pikes Peak International, in Colorado Springs and La Junta Raceway, in La Junta (SE of Pueblo)(BTW, this is Jerry's favorite track).

On the subject of Second Creek, I saw on the RMDiv website yesterday that SC is open for testing from after Christmas until the New Year, for free! It's kind of a long drive from Albuquerque, but I thought I'd pass it along.


12-16-2003, 05:53 PM
"La Junta Raceway, in La Junta (SE of Pueblo)(BTW, this is Jerry's favorite track)."

In a Spec Miata, maybe.

It is damn hard to find the entrance to it in the middle of the night!