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07-29-2005, 03:57 PM
Has anyone have experience with the new track layout.

This will be our first race there.


07-29-2005, 06:50 PM
Has been repaved on the infield, but otherwise should be the same as before, except that the bus stop has been shortened for this weekend.

As to hints... track is a lot wider than you are probably used to. Don't be surprised if it's 3 wide on the infield in the opening laps, and 4 wide on the banking isn't unheard of. Corners are also pretty wide open, so hitting the apex correctly is critical for good exit speed. Since it is so wide though, it's hard to judge where you are a lot of times. Pick up some visual references to keep you in check.

Otherwise, hit the gas and hold it down to the floor on the tri-oval. Just a horsepower track on the banking.

-Marcello Canitano
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Chris Wire
07-30-2005, 10:24 AM
Here's a few tips that should be applicable no matter what you drive:

1) The kink in the infield is flat out.
2) The bus stop exit is tighter than you think. You can trail the brakes down in, but too much corner speed puts you in the grass on the way out. (I know, I have the video)
3) Two wide through the kink IS possible, two wide through the bus stop chicane is not.
4) Use all the track on the exit of T6, which leads on to the banking in NASCAR 1.
5) Drafting works - bump drafting (if witnessed) is frowned upon by officials.
6) Afternoon showers in Florida are a very real possibility. Prepare for possible rain.
7) Turn 1 braking is usually inside of the 150 marker. (Daytona uses yardage there). In certain cases, inside of 100 is possible.
8) For T3 (international horseshoe) the end of the blend line from pit out is a good reference point for braking. Adjust as necessary.
9) On T3 exit, don't be afraid to use all of the track, including part of the access road. Check outside video from any pro race to see what I mean.
10) VERY IMPORTANT - slower cars stay low on the banking. As long as you're hugging the bottom, the faster guys/gals will find their way around you.
11) Transition from banking to flat at T1 is a bit unsettling at first. You get used to it. Vary your line until you find what works. Some guys like to go in low and deal with it, some like to go in high and flatten it out. At any rate, be consistent. The faster cars won't mind passing inside or out, just pick a line and stay on it.
12) It's not unheard of to have 2 evenly matched cars from different classes battling it out around the track. One of my most fun races a few years back in an ITA CRX was a 45 minute bump draft/dive bomb/2 wide passing-fest with an ITS VW. Pick a battle and have fun.

Chris Wire
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07-30-2005, 11:55 AM
It is a huge dyno...you will find cars you usually out handle and beat passing you on the banking as you are flat out for such a long time (ITA vs ITS)...patience...

Evan Darling
ITA Integra

07-31-2005, 07:32 PM
Even if you're a slug like me, going flat out on the oval is almost orgasmic. I'll ditto the low line on the oval comment. I've had a squadron of SM draft up behind, with me hugging the bottom line only to be passed up high and down low on the apron. Interesting concept, but I held my line. I suppose when you drive one of those cars, you do what you need to get ahead.

Chris Harris
ITC Honda Civic