View Full Version : Rental owners: This one's for you.

Steve Ostrovitz
02-17-2004, 12:37 AM
A lot of you know me as the driver of the 07 ITS RX-7, one of the four Flatout Motorsports cars. (Most of you have passed me at one time or another). I am also an attorney and own my own practice. Racing and the law thankfully almost never mix, but as several of the Flatout Motorsports drivers have expanded into the rental of race cars, I have had reason to do some work in this area.

The short version is this: I have spent a considerable amount of time over the last few months researching the business side of renting race cars, particularly rentals at the Club Racing level. I have reviewed countless rental contracts and found them to be barely worth the paper on which they were printed. Additionally, few racers are using anything that addresses liability, and if they are, the wording is inadequate, leaving the car owner wide open. Iíve heard numerous horror stories from other racers about rental deals gone bad. As a result, I have developed a small set of easy to use and understand documents designed specifically for the rental of race cars for driversí schools, track events, and races. (And yes, I have the blessing of the owner of this site to post this here.) I am offering the package to fellow racers at a huge discount for a set fee. If youíre interested, please contact me directly.


Steve Ostrovitz
[email protected]