View Full Version : Mahoning Valley Double School

04-19-2004, 05:25 PM
I just returned from the Mahoning Valley Double Drivers' School at Nelson Ledges, and wanted to say what a great time it was. The instructors were all great, the weather steward was successful in providing unbelievably great weather, and the track was neat. We experienced some mechanical problems with the car Sunday morning (don't know if the French lady had morning sickness or a hangover)but we nursed it through with no missing parts at the end. Someone even offered to rent a car so that I could complete the school if I needed. Thank goodness that I did not.

A lot has been said pro and con about double schools. I believe if they are well run, as this one was, they are really great. For those of us who are not independently wealthy, having only one tow, and a relatively short one at that was a great blessing. Having the second school the next day insured that we did not forget what we learned in the first school. Not having to learn a different track while gaining more experience and building confidence was also an advantage.

I have been an official with SCCA, USAC and the IRL since 1966, and waited a long time to be able to do this. Thanks, again.

The White Brick