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11-20-2003, 09:51 AM
EMRA four hour night enduro and sprint races at Summit Point this weekend. Details at www.emraracing.org (http://www.emraracing.org)


Any enduro sanctioned by EMRA will be subject to the following requirements and safety rules in addition to those required by any car allowed to race in EMRA:

11.5.1 No one driver may drive more than three hours regardless of how many cars they may be registered in. No one driver may drive more than two hours and thirty minutes in a night enduro.

11.5.2 EMRA Street Stock cars will be handicapped by SCCA IT lap records in enduros, which are handicapped.

11.5.3 Pit slots will be chosen by teams on the day of the event.

11.5.4 Every team must appoint a non-driver as designated team manager at registration. The team manager will be responsible for the actions of the team and be available to pit marshals during the event in the pit lane.

11.5.5 All drivers must have completed two sprint races prior to being able to enter night enduros. BRING PROOF.

11.5.6 There is a maximum of four drivers per team.

11.5.7 No lights are permitted above the horizontal plane of the dashboard, except for low power marker/signal lights (5 watt max)

11.5.8 All teams must use tech approved gas cans. No overhead fuel rigs allowed. Use of funnels is permitted if necessary.

11.5.9 Each team must have a fireman over the wall for any pit stop that deals with refueling, leaking fluids, spillage or a smoking condition. Each pit must have a minimum 10 BC rated fire extinguisher.

11.5.10 Reflective or HIGH CONTRAST numbers are required for all night enduros. Such numbers are required on both sides, a top surface (hood or roof) and on the rear of the car.

11.5.11 Rear running lights and stop lamps are mandatory on all cars. All lights must be securely mounted to the car or be integral with coachwork/chassis. A minimum of one rear running light (night enduros) and one rear stop lamp must be operational at all times or the car will be black flagged.

11.5.12 Fuel cells if used in ST cars must not have capacity greater than the next available whole gallon size rounded up from the car's OEM tank capacity. If a fuel cell is used the stock fuel tank must be removed.

11.5.13 The driver must be out of the car during refueling. Work or adjustment may be done in the car during refueling as long as the crewman keeps both feet on the ground outside the car.

11.5.14 No more than FOUR people total may be over the wall per car. This number includes mandatory fireman, crew and/or drivers.

11.5.15 All crew must wait until the car has completely stopped before going over the wall. A car that overshoots its pit may be PUSHED back only- no backing up under power.

11.5.16 The engine must be shut OFF during refueling. The fuel person must be attired in minimum one layer of Nomex, gloves, and helmet with visor or safety goggles. Use of balaclavas is recommended.

11.5.17 Only ONE fuel can is permitted over the wall at any one time. Only one fill-up of fuel is permitted in the pit at any one time. Any surplus fuel must be stored in the paddock. Use of generators and compressors is permitted but these must be located behind the pit fence in the paddock area.

11.5.18 Any disabled car on course may be assisted by corner workers only. No assistance is permitted on course by pit crews; the driver must effect any repairs.

11.5.19 It is highly recommended that all crew wear white or reflective material for night races.

11.5.20 Intentional blocking or metal-to-metal contact is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
Corner workers will be instructed to report any such incidents to the Chief Steward.

Schedule as follows:
7:00am Registration and Tech Open
8:30am Driver's Meeting
9:00am Big Bore Practice
9:25am Small Bore Practice
9:50am Open Wheel Practice
10:15am Big Bore Qualifying
10:40am Small Bore Qualifying
11:05am Open Wheel Qualifying
11:30pm Enduro Practice
12:00pm Lunch
12:20pm Enduro Driver?s Meeting
1:00pm Big Bore Sprint Race (18 Laps)
1:45pm Small Bore Sprint Race (18 Laps)
2:30pm Open Wheel Sprint Race (18 Laps)
2:40pm First Call Enduro Cars
3:30pm Start 4 Hour Enduro
7:30pm Finish 4 Hour Enduro
8:00pm Dinner and Trophies

7:00am Registration and Tech Open
8:30am Driver's Meeting
9:00am Big Bore Practice and Qualifying
9:40am Open Wheel Practice and Qualifying
10:20am Small Bore Practiceand Qualifying
11:00am Student Practice and Qualifying
11:40am Lunch
12:40pm Student Race (6 Laps)
1:10pm Big Bore Sprint Race (12 Laps)
1:50pm Open Wheel Sprint Race (12 Laps)
2:30pm Small Bore Sprint Race (12 Laps)
3:10pm Open Wheel Makeup Race (10 Laps)
3:50pm Big Bore Makeup Race (10 Laps)
4:30pm Refreshments and Trophies