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11-17-2003, 11:13 PM
When the Enduro's are run on the same weekend as a Regional...is it possible to run the Regional on the FIRST day and the Enduro on the second?

I say this because we had a real great time at the 2003 NHIS Enduro but felt it was a real risk to do so becuase if anything happened to the car, it would be real hard to run the points event Regional the next day. If the Enduro was the second day and something happened, you would have at least a week to fix it under even the most packed schedule...



Andy Bettencourt
06 ITS RX-7
FlatOut Motorsports
New England Region

11-18-2003, 12:32 AM
The NHIS Enduro was run on Sat to give the Regional folks time on Sat & Sun. The August race at NHIS is a single Regional, so the Comp. Board wanted people to get as much track time as possible.

We did not know if there would be enough interest in an Enduro at NHIS. It was proven that if you have one, they will come.

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