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12-15-2003, 09:22 PM
I was just wondering if anybody has any experience with these cars. A buddy of mine just picked one up, and he is trying to get to know the basics of the car. Interested in any little tid-bits of info or stories you may have. How do they do against more current ITA class runners, car setup, etc.

Seth E.

12-21-2003, 02:38 PM
If it's a liftback, he'd be better off selling it to a drifter who's looking for a Hachiroku and buying a couple of MR2's with the $$. Seriously, it's a nice, fun car with a terrific engine and drive train. But . . . it's badly outclassed in ITA. Even the MR2 (same engine), which is also outclassed, is a better choice based on the results I've seen. I have, arguably, the fastest ITA MR2 in the country, and it's no match for the Hondas or the Nissans on the "power" tracks . . . Hallett, yes; Gateway, no way.

If you just want to build the car and have a blast, then go for it! The RWD Corolla GTS is probably the most tossable car you'll ever drive, except for maybe an early Z. Just for grins, I'd like to stick a GT3 spec 4AG in one and run it in ITE. http://Forums.ImprovedTouring.com/it/wink.gif

Currently the Honda Si's and Nissan 240-SX's are the cars to beat - plus they've now classed the '94 Civic in there.

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Prince Makaha
12-21-2003, 05:59 PM
It wouldn't happen to be a white car with a red cage and interior?

12-23-2003, 03:56 PM
The car is located in the Northeast. My buddy just picked it up because the old 86's are one of his long time favorite cars. Yeah, he is a Initial D/drifting fan. Since he doesn't have the money to convert it over to a street car. I brought up the idea that he should use it as is for upcoming season. Go through the car over the winter, do a few time trials to get the hang of it, and then enter it in a ITA race or two at Lime Rock (handling track). A local international rally driver has said that he would do the driving if my buddy isn't up to it. If it was up to me, I would make it ITE and install one of those 11k rpm motors from that formula series.

Seth E.